2018 Learning Forward Partner Sessions

This year, nine of our KickUp team members will be flying to Dallas to attend Learning Forward’s 2018 Annual Conference. The conference is one of the largest professional learning events of the year—filled to the brim with district leaders, service providers, and other people passionate about improving professional learning for their teachers.

The 2018 theme “All Learners, Many Perspectives, One Community,” especially struck a chord with our team. As former educators ourselves, we recognize the power that comes from collaboration and community. In that spirit, we’re honored to be be co-presenting with four of our all-star client partners about the innovative work happening within their districts/regions.

We hope you’ll register to join us:

Monday, December 3, 2018

1401 | Using Data to Improve, Empower, and Refine
@ 2:30-4:30pm CT

Use data-informed decision-making to identify and leverage the highest-impact components of a professional learning plan. Learn how Special School District empowers instructional mentors to provide ongoing supports that result in incremental growth of best instructional practices for educators. Move from data to insight as you engage in a simulation guided by artifacts from a new teacher induction program focused on special education teachers. Leave with the ability to transfer applicable professional learning strategies unique to special education teachers to support new educators.

Tina Maksche, Special School District St. Louis County
Kristin Mestdagh, Special School District St. Louis County
Victoria Kinzig, KickUp

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

SP04 | From Compliance to Insight
@ 2:15-3:15pm CT

Under ESSA, school districts face increased pressure to demonstrate the impact of Title II-A funded professional learning. Learn how a collection of districts are using data on their professional learning to go beyond grant requirements. Discover practical strategies for building teacher buy-in and using formative data to power school improvement initiatives during the year.

Debra Lane, Alexandria City Public Schools
Jeremy Rogoff, KickUp

2405 | Program Design: Creating Deep Impact at Scale
@ 3:30-5:30pm CT

Apply data-informed professional learning models to affect change at scale. Learn how ESC11, a service center supporting 70,000 teachers, used a blended and teacher-led model to improve literacy instruction across seven districts. Determine scalable opportunities to optimize existing resources within their own districts, including identifying and leveraging teacher leaders. Discover strategies to capture and use formative data to ensure successful implementation and increase the efficacy of your teacher trainers.

Renee Agent, Education Service Center (ESC) Region 11
Vicki Arrington, Education Service Center (ESC) Region 11
Victoria Kinzig, KickUp

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

3211 | Too Big to Fail: Ensuring Initiatives are Successful
@ 8:45-10:45am CT

New initiatives require investing time, resources, and human capital. So, how do you ensure a return on that investment? Learn how one district uses data to assess the impact of their 1:1 Learning Technology Plan, create transparency between teachers and coaches, and accelerate coaches’ abilities to respond to teacher needs. Examine multiple stages of implementation and lessons learned for scaling a promising initiative across varying grade levels and student demographics.

Diane Lauer, St. Vrain Valley School District
David Baker, St. Vrain Valley School District
Mindy Zacharjasz, KickUp

3402 | A Practitioner’s Guide to Creating a Data-Informed Culture – Only a few spots left!
@ 1-3pm CT

Break down a district-wide strategic plan into actionable and measurable improvement plans. Learn how a 2017 Missouri Model School District aligned goals and data-sharing across their teachers, principals, instructional coaches, and central office administrators. Walk away with a toolkit of practical strategies and protocols for continuous improvement throughout the year.

Dr. Lorenzo Rizzi, Belton School District #124
Kim Mauck, Belton School District #124
Timothy Winkelmann, Belton School District #124
Mindy Zacharjasz, KickUp

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