Educator engagement, growth, and retention

Why KickUp?

Understand how professional learning is driving meaningful change in the classroom

KickUp maximizes the impact of professional learning by:

Organizing all coaching, mentoring, learning walks, PLC’s, and PD activity in one place

Identifying the professional learning needs of every educator

Connecting educators to synchronous and asynchronous professional learning opportunities, aligned to their needs

Aligning instructional coaching with district and campus priorities

Triangulating data from multiple sources to give district and campus leaders a complete picture of professional learning needs at the individual and organizational level


Don't just take our word for it

"KickUp has allowed us to customize and house several different data sets in one platform. The attention to the client needs is second to none and makes all the difference in the world."

Dr. Cara Skaggs
Coordinator of School Improvement, Maury County Public Schools

"KickUp has helped us accomplish our goal of "changing the conversation," helping schools get a realistic picture of what's happening with instruction and how to address it. It addresses behavior, not just random test scores."

Amy Moine
Director of Professional Learning, Central Rivers Area Education Agency

"When a board member asks me if the money we’re spending on PD is getting to kids, I feel like I can answer in a way that I haven't been able to before — and I thank KickUp up for that."

Janet Crews
Coordinator of Professional Development, Clayton School District

"I love the efficiency of the software, but I truly appreciate the responsiveness of the team."

Evelyn Gilliam
Director of Professional Learning, Ritenour School District
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