6 Questions for Effective Professional Learning

In a landscape where less than a third of educators report satisfaction with district-provided professional learning, clarity is key.

If participants don’t understand exactly why they’re there, what will be accomplished, and how it will happen, their frustration gets in the way of effective change in educational practice.

And it starts at the top: professional learning facilitators must internalize the goals of the session for themselves before having any chance of conveying them to educators.

Dr. Tina Lupton, Executive Director of Teacher Effectiveness at Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools has a simple framework to create this clarity. Before any professional learning session is approved, she asks the facilitators to fill in six questions that spell out the intent, methods and results driving the event.

It’s a simple strategy, but one that ensures every facilitator walks into every learning opportunity with a purposeful and impactful mindset.

We spoke to Tina about her approach to professional learning, how she developed the framework, improving teacher satisfaction and much more. Read on for practical insights into creating PL that drives real change in the classroom.

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