Action Items: Helping you get more out of your Coaching 1:1s

Action items is a feature within KickUp Coaching that allows for collaborative tracking of to-do items, communicating next steps, and sharing of resources between a coach and teacher or mentor and mentee.

Save time by consolidating to-do items in KickUp

Using action items saves coaches and teachers time by placing next steps between a coach and teacher in one centralized location. Coaches and teachers can create action items, add assignees, and place due dates for action items that are time sensitive.

Action item best practice tips
  • No more sticky notes, spreadsheets or paper/pencil checklists. Use action items in KickUp to free up the space in your brain to remember the important things.
  • Use action items to track actionable feedback from classroom observations.

Focus more time in 1:1 meetings on what’s most important - addressing teacher needs

With action items, requesting support is a click away for teachers or mentees. This means that the valuable time spent in 1:1 meetings can be maximized on more important topics such as reflecting on instructional practices, improving student learning, and problem solving issues within the classroom.

Action item best practice tips
  • Address more tactical items like “reviewing a professional learning resource” or “submitting lesson plans on time” outside of coaching 1:1s using action items.
  • Help teachers prepare for goal setting in a coaching cycle by assigning an action item to “review student data prior to the 1:1 to prepare for setting their coaching cycle goal.”

Track progress on action items through email notifications

The email notification feature helps coaches and teachers stay on top of the action items assigned to them. They’ll receive emails from KickUp when action items are created, assigned, due, and completed.

Action item best practice tips
  • Let KickUp do the reminder emails for you by using the due date functionality to ensure that teachers complete past due action items.
  • Help teachers stay organized and on top of to-do items with email notifications that let them know when an action item has been created for them and when that action item has been completed.

Improve communication and effectiveness with action items

Effective strategies for using action items to improve effectiveness and communication might include requesting a classroom observation on a specific day to get feedback or requesting resources of restorative practices to help with classroom management techniques.

Action item best practice tips
  • Teachers can request co-teaching support, lesson planning resources, or professional learning materials to ensure support is teacher-driven and timely.
  • Make coaching meetings more effective by adding agenda items to address in coaching 1:1s so the teacher and coach can come to each 1:1 prepared.

Let KickUp increase the impact of your 1:1 coaching. If you are a coach, check if you have access to the Action Items feature already by seeing if the action items tab appears on an individual teacher’s page:

If you don’t see it yet are interested in using it, speak to your KickUp administrator.

If you are an administrator, you'll need to toggle the feature for coaches to start using it.

If your district is not currently using KickUp to help your instructional coaches provide the right support to teachers at the right time, contact us today.

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