Announcing KickUp Reports 2.0

Our reports have undergone some major changes! Our Client Success Team now has the ability to create highly customized reports from your KickUp data. These new tools allow your client success manager to tailor reports to your specific needs: arranging the data visualizations in different configurations, restricting what data shows up where, and adding content and context for what the data means. That means we can help you tell your story to your audience in a way that’s clear and compelling.

Here are some of the things we’re most excited about:

1. One report, multiple data sources:

We can now incorporate data from multiple sources (teachers, admin, coaches, students, community, etc) into one report dashboard, so you get a complete picture of what progress is being made. For example, supplement teacher needs assessments and self-reported data with classroom observations to help determine whether your teachers have been able to put new techniques into practice. Being able to compare and contrast different data sources can also help tell the full story of what is going on.

2. Data that tells a story:

We’re no longer limited to organizing your reports by type of data (for example, a tab with all of the multiple choice questions together). Reports can now be organized thematically so that your data tells a story. For example, reports can now show teacher progress–from assessing baseline needs to summarizing end of year growth–so that it makes sense even before you dig in.

This flexible layout also allows your client success manager to be more strategic, drawing your attention to key insights. For instance, we can show the progress on a goal and the supports needed to continue this progress immediately below:

We can also combine the quantitative and qualitative data to provide insight behind the numbers:

3. Your data is immediately shareable:

KickUp reports are now immediately shareable for your team and administration (using privacy settings tailored to your audience). This allows more people to view the data dynamically and see responses as they come in instead of a single static report at one point in time.

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