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KickUp makes instructional coaches’ lives easier.

Coaches observe classrooms, provide resources to teachers, facilitate PLCs, participate in coaching cycles, analyze data, and fulfill other miscellaneous administrative duties. With such a broad range of responsibilities, instructional coaches need effective means of managing their time and organizing their work to successfully support the teachers they serve.

Organize all your work in one place

One of the most challenging aspects of the instructional coach role is organizing meeting notes, providing coaching cycle resources, and tracking staff’s progress towards instructional goals. With ever-growing teacher rosters, instructional coaches may find it difficult to clearly organize their work with various teachers within one product. And the old-fashioned paper/pencil process just isn’t efficient.

KickUp makes the body of a coach’s work accessible, easy and organized.

Within a KickUp coaching cycle, you can see the progress each staff member is making toward achieving their goal on coaching cycles, review prior work in the coaching cycle, and attach relevant files to steps in order to keep everything in one place.

In KickUp, you can see a list of all the staff members whom you coach. You can easily add staff members and see your activity with that staff member through their profile, including: coaching logs, coaching cycles, and action items.

Analyze your data to make informed coaching decisions

With so many demands and routines to juggle, coaches need a birds-eye view of how they’ve been using their time.

KickUp makes it easy to see how much time a coach has spent coaching, where that time was spent, and the focus areas of that time making for easy communication with district administrators on how coaches are spending the bulk of their time.

These data insights allow coaches to spend less time in spreadsheets and more time with teachers.

Additionally, the interactive data views allow for easy data analysis to better understand where teachers need more support, and where professional development efforts should be focused.

Easily implement coaching cycles

Coaching cycles have proved to be one of the most successful implementations of instructional coaching. However, setting up coaching cycles can be a tedious process.

By partnering with Diane Sweeney and Jim Knight, we’ve done the hard part for you. Student-Centered Coaching and The Impact Cycle are both embedded within KickUp’s Coaching Cycle feature to ensure easy setup and implementation with staff members.

You can set staff members’ goals, track steps within the coaching cycle, and see the progress of teachers making their way through the coaching cycle.              

Enhance collaboration with staff

KickUp provides teachers and coaches a hub for all their communication. Teachers can review feedback on their instructional practices from past coaching sessions, and can ask for specific support all in one place.

With action items, coaches can take next steps out of their coaching notes and apply them to action items to make them more accessible to the teacher allowing for further transparency and collaboration.              

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