Top 10 Signs You're A PD Data Nerd

10. You’ve got every Joellen Killion book on your bookshelf
And two under your desk for quick reference. How’s that for a glass-box solution?

9. You get excited at discovering new metrics for classroom impact
Because every single one is an opportunity to show how professional learning makes a real impact.

8. You come back from every Learning Forward event feeling like you’re walking away with cheat codes
Next year’s professional learning plan? Solved. Strategies to address multiple district goals at once? Easy-peasy. The professional learning learning community? Your personal brain trust.

7. Your professional learning feedback is overwhelmingly positive
…and yet you pore over the data from the four “Disagree” responses, trying to find a way to make the next one even better.

6. You wake up in the middle of the night to check feedback from your last PD session
With KickUp it will be good, we promise.

5. You can hold your own in conversations with every principal in the district
Teachers’ unique PD needs are important — and you love working with campus leaders to get them what they need, when they need it.

4. You can recite Guskey’s Five Levels by heart
But have you dressed as them for Halloween?

3. You get a special kind of joy when you can show teachers exactly where and how they grew over the year
Their smiles!

2. You can’t wait to log every coaching interaction, just to see that progress bar move another step
Every coaching session, every classroom observation, and every end-of-semester review brings educators closer to their goals.

1. You love instructional frameworks.
Everything. Must. Align. With. A. Framework.

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