Using Actionable Data to Fuel Professional Learning

Continuous improvement requires gathering and using actionable data—so why aren't most K-12 school districts seeing the results of their labor?In this e-book, learn how to recognize and overcome 6 of the most common professional learning data pitfalls.

"Professional learning is a primary driver for refining teaching and increasing learning. To design, implement, and maintain the highest quality professional learning that positively affects educators and students, it is mandatory to plan, conduct, and use formative and summative evaluation to measure its quality and results."

Joellen Killion

Author of Assessing Impact: Evaluating Professional Learning

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“The Every Student Succeeds Act calls on educators to transform professional learning to ensure it’s data-driven, collaborative, intensive, and classroom-focused. The expectation is clear: professional learning funded with federal dollars must be evidence-based and demonstrate results.”
Stephanie Hirsh

former Executive Director of Learning Forward