How kickup Benefits your role


KickUp elevates professional learning management for users across the district, including:

Assistant Superintendents

Build capacity in your teachers, leaders, and staff

"Using a KickUp-driven process, we've built a culture of trust — not finger-wagging but formative."
Ryan Neal

Assistant Superintendent, Camdenton R-III School District

Ground professional learning in your district’s strategic plan

Starting with your strategic plan and program objectives, KickUp’s data specialists work with you to develop practical, research-based instruments that clearly answer “How are we progressing towards our strategic goals, and where should we deploy resources to get where we need to go?”

Make real-time adjustments backed up by data

KickUp’s clear and actionable dashboards help you keep an eye on progress as it happens, and easily pinpoint schools, subgroups or teachers in need of additional support.                                                                

Demonstrate professional learning’s value and impact

KickUp captures key insights and visualize growth over time by triangulating multiple sources of data like needs assessments, classroom observations, activity logs and self-reflections. As new data comes in, your personal Success Manager leads your staff through unpacking the data and translating it into action.

Build trust between departments, campuses and teachers

Flexible report-sharing tools allow you to easily construct a compelling story through data, and share it out for community buy-in and transparent decision-making.

Directors of PD

Get the information you need to personalize professional learning for your teachers.

"KickUp saves us so, so much time. I don’t have to wait for data to come in from six different sources anymore: the plan, goals and progress for a single teacher or an entire school are at my fingertips."
Hanna Schramm

Director of Professional Learning, Comal Independent School District

Understand the impact of your professional learning plan

With data specifically aligned to your district’s needs, you’ll capture the information you need to demonstrate progress toward the strategic plan. Your KickUp dashboard is custom-built to make analysis easy and give you quick, actionable feedback.

Manage and analyze professional learning events

KickUp's events management allows your office to create, share, and manage PD opportunities. Powerful tags and filters  tie to your objectives, making it easy to connect event attendance to growth priorities.

Smarter action planning through meaningful insights

The KickUp dashboard untangles complex data across multiple sources to find trends that otherwise go unnoticed. As new data comes in, your Client Success Manager breaks out key insights and help you translate them into action.

Flexibly share information for cross-team impact

KickUp’s flexible sharing tools give each team the information they need to make swift and strategic decisions. With one click, you can define what users see what data, make sensitive material anonymous, or highlight specific insights without the information overload.

District Leaders

Every successful initiative begins with professional learning.

"Compared to our old system, KickUp houses everything and takes less of my time to use."
Jennifer Brookshire

Instructional Facilitator, Winston-Salem / Forsyth County Schools

Demonstrate your work’s value

KickUp lets you understand and articulate your program’s impact. KickUp reports allow you to quantify progress over time and share evidence of a program’s success with grant funders, school boards, or other stakeholders.

Use formative data to make real-time adjustments

Collect data during implementation, not after. KickUp is designed to give you real-time data and the power to translate it into action, so you can support teacher needs as they surface.

Align data collection to your timeline and goals

Your data collection tools are custom-made by the KickUp Client Success team of former educators, who partner with you to explicitly align data-collection with your program’s goals or district-wide strategic plan while grounding it in research.

Share information across teams and to different users

With KickUp’s flexible sharing tools, you can ensure everyone has the information they need to make data-informed decisions in real time. Target shareable reports with district and campus leaders to paint a complete picture of professional learning needs at the individual and organizational level.


Don't just take our word for it

"KickUp has allowed us to customize and house several different data sets in one platform. The attention to the client needs is second to none and makes all the difference in the world."

Dr. Cara Skaggs
Coordinator of School Improvement, Maury County Public Schools

"KickUp has helped us accomplish our goal of "changing the conversation," helping schools get a realistic picture of what's happening with instruction and how to address it. It addresses behavior, not just random test scores."

Amy Moine
Director of Professional Learning, Central Rivers Area Education Agency

"When a board member asks me if the money we’re spending on PD is getting to kids, I feel like I can answer in a way that I haven't been able to before — and I thank KickUp up for that."

Janet Crews
Coordinator of Professional Development, Clayton School District

"The client success team is the best feature of KickUp. I love the efficiency of the software, but I truly appreciate the responsiveness of the team."

Evelyn Gilliam
Director of Professional Learning, Ritenour School District